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Below are some frequently asked questions about DesignaSchist.

Are the original designers and makers of ‘Designa Schist’ modular bricks for over 15 years . Our new ‘lightweight – thin mortar’ brick is ground breaking in modular stone industry. As the industry leader we will continue to innovate new ways and styles. We are often copied but never replicated.

With Innovation comes exciting new products – Along with an Italian concrete technology company we have developed a lightweight concrete that we use as a base for our brick. This is not only wonderful for the layers making it so much lighter to handle but the real bonus is that it comes in at under 80kg a m2 meaning it is in the medium range categoy for cladding and not heavyweight which would mean more steel and more added costs. View Certification

Yes, we have developed through testing (click here) and working with a scientific laboratory a compound that is compliant with the new Zealand code and allows the joints to be as close as 2-3mm. Our goal at Designa Schist is to minimize the joint lines as much as possible to enhance the natural stone. You can still if you prefer use the standard sand and cement mix and have a thick gap – put simply it’s a matter of personal preference.

We currently have Two colours. ‘GREY ALPS’ is a grey schist that has the natural tone of Glenorchy area in the South Island of New Zealand. Natural stone can have an iron content and if so will leech causing rust stains on the surface of the stone. Some people love this however we only use natural schist that has no iron content so the ‘GREY ALPS’ will remain the same as it has done for many many years . ‘AUTUMN HUE’ This stone has earthy brown tones similar to that in the Wanaka range area of New Zealand. This rich colour can sometimes contain iron which not only blends in with the brown but enriches the seam lines. For special projects and you would like a different color – ask your agent and we may be able to help.

We manufacture a range of 6 different modules – a standard brick, a large and small corner and large and small ends plus an internal corner. The sizes have been made to give the least possible joints and to give that natural look. To see the exact sizes click here for the detailed drawings.

We have designed a chart that shows clearly the modules required for the wall click here and we can offer a service that will show you in a CAD drawing the exact quantities and which brick module is best to lay for that design. This service takes 7 days. If you click here it you will see a design that has been done that will give you the confidence that the layer will have the correct modules when laying and avoid any extra cuts.

Yes, Designa Schist manufacture modules that make column sizes 500 x 500 , 500 x 700 , 700 x 700 – If you click here and look carefully on the chart you will be able to calculate the number of bricks you require for the height you have.

After the bricks are layed a coat of limestone/cement – or white sand/cement is applied to the surface using a bag (hence the name bagged schist) and then some stone pieces are cleaned to their natural look. You can select any number of bricks to clean as to what look you desire. This is gives a rustic look and very Queenstown! This does not need a special trades person and Block and brick layers have the ability to do this. It is a very simple but stunning way to lay the bricks. Consult with us or your local agent if you need further help with this.

Designa Schist bricks can be laid by any registered brick or block layer. In some instances where compliance to the NZ building code is not required a capable DIY person can lay them. Contact the company that you are purchasing your Designa Schist bricks from and they will be able to give you the name of a layer that they know will do a great job for you.

Absolutely, we have a 25 year warranty on our Designa Schist Bricks.

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