Thin bed mortar

Thin Bed Mortar for DesignaSchist

Designa Schist Thin Bed Mortar is a cement based product with selected add mixtures. It was specifically designed and tested to allow Designa Schist bricks and blocks to have a very minimal joint line of 2-3mm.

Other features are its  no slump properties, easy to work with and low material consumption.

Tested by the Beale Laboratory to confirm it complies with the New Zealand Building code.



How to mix and apply thin bed mortar

The following videos show how to mix and apply your thin bed mortar for DesignaSchist.

Step One

Preparing the mortar

Step Two

Mixing the mortar with the drill

Step Three

Applying the base layer

Step Four

Placing the first brick

Step Five

Applying more mortar in the joint for the next brick

Step Six

Placing the next brick

Step Seven

Application of Mortar for the next layer

Construction using Thin Bed Mortar

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