technical data

The information and technical details provided correlate with all legislative requirements and generally accepted good trade practice. Although provided as a guide only, common sense and job specific detailing can be added by qualified designers.

Designa Schist Technical Manual

Download our comprehensive technical manual which covers all you need to know about Designa Schist product information and installation. DOWNLOAD NOW

Designa Schist Product Sizes

Download our guide showing the size dimensions of all of our brick range. ​DOWNLOAD NOW

Compliance Letter for the Building Code

All our products have been independently tested and verified to meet with the New Zealand Building Code. DOWNLOAD NOW

Thin-bed Mortar Testing Results and Specifications

Download our guide and specifications for our thin bed mortar for installation of Designa Shist. ​DOWNLOAD NOW

Technical Drawings

Drawings are to provide a guideline for the building industry and associated trades and authorities on the installation of the Designa Schist product and system.

Fig.1 – 120mm Rebate Foundation

Fig.2 – Door Sill

Fig.3 – External 90˚ Corner for Small & Large Corners

Fig.4 – Flat Soffit

Fig.5 – Flay Soffit and 150mm Frieze Board

Fig.6 – Flat Soffit with Timber Mould

Fig.7 – Garage Door Jamb

Fig.8 – Negative Soffit

Fig.9 – Typical Aluminium Window Jamb

Fig.10 – Window Sill Aluminium

Fig.11 – Window Head (OPTION 1)

Fig.12 – Window Head (OPTION 2)

Fig.13 – Weatherboard Wall

Fig.14 – Schist Weatherboard and Alternative Cladding Internal Corner

Fig.15 – Schist Joining Alternative Cladding

Fig.16 – Clay Bricks Above Designa Schist

Fig.17 – Weatherboard Wall

Fig.18 – Upper Floor Framing in line With Lower Floor

Fig.19 – Plaster AAC/Designa Schist Bricks – Option 1

Fig.20 – Plaster AAC/Designa Schist Bricks – Option 2

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